Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No: 6-15

Trumpet sheet music tip No 6:

( Por Una Cabeza / By Carlos Gardel )

trumpet sheet music sheet music for trumpet


This is another fun piece to play, as a solo, on the trumpet.

It is a tango and I recommend that you put a lot of passion in it when you play.

Try to think of the phrasing and make the cantabile part really soar with a big sound…like an opera singer would.

I got the sheet music by downloading it in digital format for just 1.99$

OBS:  This trumpet music tip  is just ONE song and not a trumpet book.

Just click HERE to get your copy.

Just click HERE to get your copy.

Trumpet sheet music tip No 7:

(From Russia With Love)


Trumpet sheetmusicThis is such an incredible fun piece to play on the trumpet. It is great for practicing and learning to make the trumpet really  sing with a lot of air. Almost like an opera singer.

This trumpet sheet music can be found in the “James Bond Collection” trumpet book, that I wrote about on another side. The same backing track as you hear in my video comes along with the book.

Just pop the CD in your stereo and sing through the trumpet!


Click here to get it== >  From Russia With Love



This is what the backing track sound like:

Trumpet sheet music tip No 8:

(All time high/ From Octopussy)

Another song from the same trumpet sheet music book, James Bond 007 collection.

Emotion is to be put into everything we play but in this piece it is particularly important because it has such a singing character to it’s structure.

Where the forte starts, in the Chorus, you can choose to play an octave higher if you want. The meolody actually suits that very well. In this clip I play the lower part though  but you go ahead and do as you want.

The trumpet sheet music for this trumpet solo can be found in the James Bond Collection Book. It will also come with the same, excellent, backing track you can hear in the video below.

You can get this trumpet sheet music by clicking here ==> All Time High ( Sheets Music)

Trumpet sheet music tip No 9:

-Oblivion-  by Astor Piazzola

A beautiful melody I recommend every trumpet player learns how to play. Again, the emotion and sound is the most important thing here. Focus on that.

For about 4 dollars you get the piano scores with accompaniements along with the meoldy part so you can perform it as a trumpet solo at gigs.  You can get this trumpet sheet music by clicking here ==> Oblivion by Astor Piazzola (The backing track is not included in the link. )

I take the melody up one octave the second time. No need for that if you don’t want to, of course.

Trumpet sheet music tip No 10:

-The Rose-  by Amanda Mcbroom

I think everyone knows this song so there is no need for a description. I got the backing track from Bouncing Ball Music and I downloaded the sheet music from the link below. It works great as a Trumpet solo and I recommend every trumpeter to have in their repertoire as it is suitable to be played on a lot of occasions from funerals to weddings and everything in between. Just click on the Picture above to get the sheet music. It’s cheap and worth the money. You can also choose what key you want to play it in.

The Rose:


Click HERE for trumpet sheet music tips no. 1-5


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