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Sheet music for trumpet

Ever wondered what to play on the trumpet?

I know I have 🙂

… so I thought I’d give tips and suggestions on what to play here on my website.

Hey and welcome!

Robert Slotte here, AKA The Introverted Trumpeter.

I created this page in order to share my passion, trumpet playing.

I am not a professional musician, even though I did study music and trumpet on a professional level between the years 1993-1999

Music is, and will probably always remain as, a hobby…my dearest hobby!

I will share my trumpet music, trumpet playing tips and tricks, give recommendations on trumpet sheet music  as well as doing trumpet accessories reviews and writing about the mental side of trumpet playing.

I will also be writing a blog about my trumpet life, a practice diary, where I share my thoughts about everything trumpet related…and perhaps some other more personal stuff as well.

You can find that blog here ==> Blog About My Trumpet Life/Practice diary

It is my hope that at least someone on the web will find what I share informative, amusing or, in some other way, worthy of reading.

I have to get back to my passion now…talk to you later 🙂

Feel free to conact me on:  robertslotte@yahoo.com



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