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Sheet music for trumpet

Ever wondered what to play on the trumpet?

I know I have 🙂

… so I thought I’d give tips and suggestions on what to play here on my website.

Hey and welcome!

Robert Slotte here, AKA The Introverted Trumpeter.

I created this page in order to share my passion, trumpet playing.

I am not a professional musician, even though I did study music and trumpet on a professional level between the years 1993-1999

Music is, and will probably always remain as, a hobby…my dearest hobby!

This trumpet blog is mainly about trumpet sheet music, books and what fun songs to play. Here I will share a few trumpet playing tips and tricks, but mostly give recommendations on trumpet sheet music and fun music to play.

I Started a new, better trumpet site
Come on over there and check it out

That site is the one I am currently working on and it is going to grow and get bigger.

You see I was so new with websites and didn’t really know anything about them when I created this one so I wanted to start from scratch with a new one.

On my other trumpet blog I will also writing about the mental side of trumpet playing and over there I will aslo do best trumpet reviews.

Over there I will also be writing a blog about my trumpet life, a practice diary, where I share my thoughts about everything trumpet related…and perhaps some other more personal stuff as well.

You can find that blog here ==> Blog About My Trumpet Life/Practice diary

It is my hope that at least someone on the web will find what I share informative, amusing or, in some other way, worthy of reading.

I have to get back to my passion now…talk to you later 🙂

Feel free to conact me on:  robertslotte@yahoo.com





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