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The Embouchure Change…

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…is slowly but surely starting to pay dividends. I can now articulate much more clearer in the register between middle C and high C. This register, has on the big Bb trumpet, always been a problem area for me when it comes to clear articualtions.

My endurance is also improving. Trumpet endurance…can we have too much of that ? Well, I don’t know about that but I certainly know that I often has come short in this department as well.

So things are improving and I find myself looking forward to tomorrow’s practise sessions.

Ofcourse I still feel a bit shaky and insecure due to the feeling is a bit different and one can tell when looking at my recent video, in the trumpet sheet music tips series, that I don’t feel that convincing yet.


Anyway, if we can improve by 1% every day the results will be good in the long run.

Todays total practice time: 90 minutes

Todays embouchure/chop status: 8/10

Todays mood: 6/10








A Small Embouchure Change…

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Yes I’m at it again!

…I have done “modifications” to my embouchure setup before…. many many times and I will not stop untill I find what I know is the best way to play for me.

I’m always looking for ways to play the trumpet more efficiently. Right now I’m “gripping” the mouthpiece more with my lips then I have done before and, so far, the progress seems promising.

The notes above middle C are more secure and I feel I can “lean into” them with my air…if that makes sence…probably because of the gripping the lips and embouchure “locks” securily in place and then it’s just about letting the air do it’s magic.

I’m also allowing air pockets to form and this helps me play more relaxed.

Let’s see where this takes me!

Right now I’m planning what my next trumpet sheet music tip will be. I will probably make another video this upcoming weekend.

Todays total practice time: 120 minutes

Todays embouchure/chop status: 7/10

Todays mood: 5/10