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Trumpet Tonguing And The Annoying Double Buzz

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Trumpet sheet musicI did my usual trumpet practice sessions today with the exception of playing any music. I was running short on time so I focused on the fundamentals.

One weakness as a trumpeter, I often have, is the annoying double buzz. That is the note splitting in to two notes or…almost splits. It’s kind of the opposite of a crystal clear sound.

It seldom happens when I’m playing with my Eb-Trumpet and never happens with the piccolo but with my big Bb-Trumpet it is sometime a bit of a problem. It get’s worse when I’m tonguing and does not happen that often when I’m playing legato.

Today, when digging out the Arban from my trumpet sheet music pile, to practice single tonguing, the double buzz was particularly annoying.

I WILL find a solution for this problem!

So far I have a few ideas about what the causes are for me:

  • My jaw is receding, without me noticing it, when I’m doing fast tonguing and causing a small shift in my embouchure???  (I’m a forward jaw player. Type IV)
  • When tonguing I loose the right tongue postition inside my mouth, So that I use the “wrong” vowels (ooh, a, e, i issshhh) for the pitch???
  • Or, my embouchure is just tired and weak???

What ever it is I will find a way to fix it.

Tomorrow there will be more tonguing exercises dug out from my trumpet sheet music stack.

Keep strong and keep practicing, fellow trumpeters!


Todays total practice time: 60 minutes

Todays embouchure/chop status: 6/10

Todays mood: 6/10