Trumpet Practicing For Endurance and Physical Exercise…

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The date is wrong for this post. It is now 17 September 2017. (This issue will be fixed in my next post)

Having been playing the trumpet for 35 years now I can with confidence say that I notice that cardio training IN BETWEEN my practice sessions of the day (I usually have 2-3 trumpet sessions in a day) pays the most dividend.

The increased blood circulation to my lips, embouchure and to my whole body helps my lips to very quickly feel fresh again after the first practice session of the day AND the rhythmical, big breaths, during my cardio sessions makes the following trumpet session much more easy when it comes to using my air naturally and efficiently.

By putting in a little bit of cardio time like this I notice huge benefits when it comes to my trumpet endurance. If I do it every day for two weeks  the difference in my trumpet playing is pretty dramatic.

Today and yesterday, however, I did not do any cardio at all. Lazy me!

..and sure enough:

  • My mood suffers
  • Some aspects, like breathing, suffers in my trumpet playing. (I’m asthmatic)
  • Trumpet endurance suffers a bit because I don’t recover from the first practise session as quickly

I’ll try to be a better boy tomorrow.

For now, however, the day is done here in the introverted trumpeters world. The only things that’s left on the”to do list” is getting my ass down in my sofa and my feet up on the livingroom table.

—and oh yeah, some warm sandwiches to go along with that.

Awesome! 🙂


Todays total practice time: 50 minutes

Todays embouchure/chop status: 7/10

Todays mood: 6/10

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