Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No: 1-5

Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No. 1

(James Bond Collection For Trumpet)
Trumpet sheetmusic

There is, and has always been, something special about the Bond music wouldn’t you agree?  Perhaps it is the grandiose orchestral arrangements with strings, percussion and, of course, an awesome brass section that does it.

What ever it is the music from the James Bond movies is captivating and breathtaking for sure and with this trumpet book…

…YOU get to be in the spotlight, playing the trumpet solo!

… in the comfort of your own living room. No need for stage fright there  😉

(By the way, by clicking the stage fright link you can go read about the mental side of trumpet playing over at my other trumpet website. )

The book comes with an accompaniment CD with 25 songs.

It’s a LOT of fun playing these melodies. The trumpet sheet music is not too difficult. I would rank it about an intermediate level.

My personal favorite tunes from this play along book is: Diamonds are forever, From Russia With Love, Live and Let Die and, oh yeah: The James Bond 007 Theme.

Very fun to play and if you want to make it a bit more challenging then there are many suitable places where you could take certain phrases up an octave… now THAT is very complementary to the Bond movie music  😉

Powerful backing track that captures that big orchestral sound

The backing track manages to capture that big orchestral sound very well despite being computer made. Better than I had expected I must admit.

I particularly like the percusion and bass. The strings are OK as well but when it comes to the brass…well let’s just say, nothing can come close to the REAL thing there. But hey…that’s where you, as a trumpet soloist,  enters the picture.


In This Trumpet Sheet music book you will find the following songs:

  • Trumpet playing sheet music007 Theme (From Russia With Love)
  • The James Bond Theme
  • Diamonda Are Forever
  • Live And Let Die
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • From Russia With Love
  • Golden Eye
  • Goldfinger
  • The Man With The Golden Gun
  • Baron Samedi’s Dance of Death Moonraker
  • All Time High
  • Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Grown
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • We Have All the Time In The World
  • Nobody Does It Better
  • Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • You Only Live Twice
  • Thunderball
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • A View To A Kill
  • Surrender
  • Licence To Kill
  • The Living Daylights
  • The World Is Not Enough

The Trumpet Solo part is written in a smart way…

There are a few bars of rests incorporated every now and then in the trumpet sheet music. This in a way that saves the trumpeter from running out of steam too quickly.

Just the way we like it!

Can be played with any kind of Bb musical instrument

Tenore Sax, clarinet or any other Bb musical instrument can, of course, enjoy this trumpet sheetmusic play along book as well although, being a trumpeter myself, I will always think the trumpet is the most suitable musical instrument. Naturally.

A Video example from the trumpet book:

Final verdict on the James Bond Collection play along trumpet sheet music:

Is it worth the money?

Answer:  Yes!

  1. Inexpensive
  2. A lot of fun
  3. 25 songs
  4. Very Well made backing tracks

What’s not to love!?!

Trumpet playing should be about having fun and playing cool songs certainly helps with that part…

…this Trumpet Play Along Book is one of my personal favorites when I want to relax and play trumpet solos with a smile on my face…doing just that…having FUN!


Get the trumpet book  here ==> James bond Collection for Trumpet


Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No. 2

 Classic Pieces For Trumpet & OrganSheet music fot the Trumpet

Classical trumpet solos. Play-along with organ accompaniment CD. (no organ score included)


This trumpet -play along- book offers 15 classic pieces for us trumpeters to enjoy. The level is intermediate and many of the pieces are recognized by most people for sure.




The Trumpet Book Includes Famous Tunes Like:

  • Prelude to -Te Deum-   (Charpentier)
  • Sinfonia  (Purcell)
  • Hornpipe from the Water Music (Händel)
  • Air from the Water Music (Händel)
  • Trumpet Voluntary (Stanley)
  • Trumpet Finale (Manfredini)
  • Let the Bright Seraphin, fom Samson (Händel)
  • Where’re You Walk (Händel)
  • La Rejouissance (Händel)
  • Trumpet March (Lully)
  • Trumpet Tune (Purcell)
  • Sonata, KV67 (Mozart)
  • Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)
  • Rondeau (Mouret)
  • Voluntary from Suite No.1 (Stanley)

What I Like About This Book

The accompaniment CD features a real organ and not computer made instruments.

For most of the tunes in this trumpet sheet music book there are Two backing tracks.

  1. The original Key which is often suitable to play on your Piccolo Trumpet or any other, higher pitched trumpet, like D-Trumpet or Eb-Trumpet.
  2. A lower version that is suitable for the big Bb-Trumpet and for the trumpet players who has perhaps not yet developed their high register playing.

In addition to that the trumpet book comes with three different transposed sheet music alternatives for us to choose from. Cool! That makes it convenient to pick one that we find easy to read.

Sheet music for trumpet and trumpeter trumpet playing




Trumpet sheet music tips trumpet playing






Who Is This Trumpet Book For?

It is perhaps not for the beginner trumpeters who are on their first and second years of trumpet playing but as soon as you are starting to come up to an intermediate level you can be sure to get enjoyment from this book.

Playing the pieces in the original key, in a higher setting, makes this book great for the more advanced player as well.

What could be better about this book?

For the most part the organist on the backing track is doing a good job but I honestly have to say that there are some places, in some of the pieces, that he falls a bit behind in tempo, forcing the trumpet soloist to  pull the hand brakes a bit. This is not happening often and it is not enough to lower the overall quality of the book but I felt the need to mention it.

An example from the trumpet book:

Final verdict:

It is a great book with classic famous pieces that is a LOT of fun to play. I think that every one who likes trumpet playing would find much enjoyment with it. We can’t be playing James Bond pieces all the time, after all 🙂

I highly recommend it.

Where Can I Get It?

Just click ===> HERE to find this trumpet sheet music!

Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No. 3

Disney Solos for Trumpet Instrumental Play-Along Sheet Music Book/Audio.

Can you feel the love tonight. Sheet music for Trumpet.

I will make this review short and sweet.

It is a fun book and the difficulty level I would say is about medium.

It’s suitable for anyone who likes the Disney classics.

The trumpet book comes with a CD with backing tracks and they are indeed very well made!



The following song are in this trumpet book:

  • I Just Can’t Wait To Be King  From “The Lion King”, Composed by Elton John, Tim Rice
  • Can you feel the love tonight  From Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Lion King”, Composed by Elton John, Tim Rice
  • Colors Of The Wind  From “Pocahontas”, Composed by Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken
  • You’ve Got A Friend In Me  From “Toy Story” – 1995, Composed by Randy Newman
  • The Bells Of Notre Dame  From “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Composed by Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken
  • Zero To Hero  From “Hercules” – 1997, Composed by Alan Menken, David Zippel
  • Reflection  From “Mulan”, Composed by Matthew Wilder, David Zippel
  • You’ll Be In My Heart (Pop Version)  From “Tarzan”, Composed by Phil Collins
  • Be Our Guest  From “Beauty And The Beast” , Composed by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken
  • Friend Like Me  From “Aladdin”, Composed by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken
  • Part of Your World  From “The Little Mermaid”, Composed by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken
  • Under The Sea  From “The Little Mermaid”, Composed by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken

Where Can I Get it?

Click here to ===>   Get This Disney Sheet Music Book For Trumpet.

An example from the trumpet book:

Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No. 4

play along for trumpet Trumpet book


What I like about this trumpet book

I must admit I vas very pleasantly surprised when I put the CD,  with the backing track from this book, in my stereo for the first time.

Wow, real musicians and not only that, they play GREAT! The accompaniment you get to play with is outstanding. This is fast becoming my favorite trumpet sheet music.



Who is this trumpet book for?

I would put the difficulty level at about intermediate and some of the songs perhaps even a bit easier than that.

Don’t get fooled though. Even if you are on a very high level I’m sure you can get a lot of enjoyment out of this book.

In the video down below my book looks a little bit different ant that’s because it has been renewed since I bought it. The cover looks a bit different and there are three songs that are different from the book I use in the Video. The list below is the pieces that you currently get when ordering the book.

The Following Songs Are In The Trumpet Sheet Music Book:

  • Cry Me a River  Performed by Julie London
  • Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune)  Performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim
  • Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)  Performed by Tony Bennett
  • Guantanamera  Performed by Celia Cruz
  • Hit The Road Jack  Performed by Ray Charles
  • I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free  Performed by Billy Taylor
  • Li’l Darlin’  Performed by Count Basie
  • Opus One  Performed by Tommy Dorsey
  • Perdido  Performed by Duke Ellington
  • Take The ‘A’ Train  Performed by Duke Ellington

Do I recommend it?


It is a LOT of fun. One of my favorite books as for now.

Where Can I get it?

===> Just Click here and You will find it!

An example from the trumpet book:

Trumpet Sheet Music Tips. No. 5

 Besame Mucho (as played in my video) 

I just found out that the book I use in the video down below is out of print but don’t worry,  you can get another, newer version if you : click here! 

Be aware that the backing track might be a bit different though.

The newer trumpet book includes many classic songs:

  •  Ados Muchachos (Farewell Boys)
  • – Adios Vida Mia
  • – Alla en el Rancho Grande (My Ranch)
  • – Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)
  • – Amor
  • – Besame Mucho
  • – Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil)
  • – Camnito (Little Lane)
  • – Cose, Cose, Cose
  • – Cuando Calienta El Sol (Love Me with All Your Heart)
  • – Cuantu Le Gusta (La Parranda)
  • – Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu, Paloma (Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo, Paloma)
  • – El Cumbancho (Rumba Guaracha)
  • – Granada (Fantasia Espanola) Guadalajara (Cancion Tipica de Jalisco)
  • – Historia de un Amor (The Story of Love)
  • – Maria Elena
  • – Mas Que Nada (Say No More)
  • – Mi Rival (My Rival)
  • – Perfidia
  • – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)
  • – Rico Vacilon
  • – Siempre en Mi Corazon (Always in My Heart)
  • – Solamente Una Vez (You Belong to My Heart) – Tico-Tico (Tico-Tico No Fuba) – Tres Palabras (Without You)

A lot of pieces for the money! I will order this newer version myself.

Get your copy as well by clicking ==> here, where I get 90% of my trumpet sheet music.

Here is me playing Besame Mucho. I just love this song!



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